Volunteers On Tour | Rimas


6 Months | European Solidarity Corps


My name is Rimas and I come from Lithuania. This project taught me how group work can really change and improve people’s minds. How teamwork helps not only for others but also for team members. Working in projects and creating ideas and workshops made me think wide more open, then I do usually. Think outside the box and teamwork was the main goal.. Communication was vital for a good partnership. What I have learned from teamwork is that the team is a great team only if all members give their 100 % their attention to the work and listening to others. In the project, I understood that critical thinking is very important. This type of thinking comes from a lot of hard work, patience, and strong team. Critical thinking is hard to achieve, but when you do, you appreciate it very much. I am grateful for this project because it showed me how profound Cyprus culture and its native people are. There I have met a lot of people with whom I spent my time with and shared some ideas and thoughts. I loved to create with ancient method chair. It was connected even to my studies programme. Also creating decorations was a very great experience. With colleagues, we had to do many discussions about what we want to achieve in making the decor. But when we did, I believe that we created something special, worth our efforts. The project was interesting to experience and I would absolutely recommend this volunteer project for future students!