Youth Force II | Cassandre

Nicosia, Cyprus

6 Months | European Solidarity Corps


Cassandre Naeux

Tell me something about yourself. (where are you from, your age, hobbies, school, etc.)

My name is Cassandre,I’m 18 years old and I’m French . I just had my economical and social high school diploma with  an english european mention and I don’t know what kind of studies I would like to do so I decided to have a break of one year to try new experience .


Where did you get the information about ESC volunteering?

I get the information about ESC volunteering by my sending organisation “La maison de l’Europe de Mayenne” . I went to see them after I graduated and I explained my desire to travel abroad and they spoke  to me about volunteering with ESC


Why did you decide to try volunteering through ESC?

I decided to try volunteering through ESC because I find this programm  advantageous financially speaking because we do not have to pay an flat we also receive  money for food and pocket money to enjoy during the project.Also after this project we have the Youthpass it’s like a certificate and this can be a good thing for my future (studies,job)


Why did you decide to participate in project Youth Force II of PlanBe in Cyprus and didn’t choose any other project?

I decided to participate in this project “ Youth Force II “ of PlanBe in Cyprus because I’m sensitive about the environment , I actually participated in several clean walk in my country and I even organized one with other people when I was in high school and I participate in strikes for global warming . I think it’s really important to react for our future and planet this is why I chose this project because the missions are mainly around the environment .Moreover  I like the values that share Plan Be ( tolerance,respect,work in team…)


What do you expect from participating in this project?

I hope that after this project I would have learned more about myself and how work an  NGO I also hope that at the end of this project I would have overcome my shyness


How do you think you can contribute to this project/community of Cyprus?

I can bring my support, my energy,  my kindness and also my ideas 


What is your biggest fear for these upcoming 6 months?

I think my fear during those six months is probably the lack of my family and friends because f I am very close to them and six months without seeing them can be difficult for me