Youth Force II | Sebastian

Nicosia, Cyprus

6 Months | European Solidarity Corps


Sebastian Merino

Tell me something about yourself. (where are you from, your age, hobbies, school, etc.)

My name is Sebas,  I am 30 years old. I am from Lebrija, the south of Spain. I am studying chemical engineering at the University of Sevilla. I like doing sports, walking in nature and travelling. 


Where did you get the information about ESC volunteering?

In previous projects funded by European Union that I have attended.


Why did you decide to try volunteering through ESC?

For having a real immersion in other countries due to the fact that it is a long term project. Moreover, it was my last opportunity to attend an ESC for my age.


Why did you decide to participate in project Youth Force II of PlanBe in Cyprus and didn’t choose any other project?

Mainly I liked the topic and the possibility to live in Cyprus.


What do you expect from participating in this project?

I expect to gain skills and tools in Erasmus+ and non-formal education field.


How do you think you can contribute to this project/community of Cyprus?

With my experience and with my desire to learn.


What is your biggest fear for these 6 months?

Losing the motivation.