Art in Action

Art in Action

Kannavia village



We are a youth NGO that is constantly growing and evolving in all aspects and that follows the latest developments in issues concerning the environment and sustainable development. The needs of society are ever-increasing, and positive role models must be created, as well as the youth informed about the problems of the planet.
At this moment, there is a need in Cyprus to tell young people at the local level so that we can equip them with the supplies they need to take the reins into their own hands for a better tomorrow. Especially after social exclusion and curfews due to the Covid-19 pandemic, young people tend to become more withdrawn and spend much time in front of a screen instead of exploring and playing in their neighbourhood.
On this occasion, we organized a cleanup day in the village of Kannavia, where young people collected garbage. After the cleanup, the youth constructed a mural on plywood using the trash they had accumulated. In this way, young people became aware of the environment, learnt about recycling and reusing recyclable materials, and developed creative skills. In addition, the created mural adorns the village of Kannavia, and young people will be able to show it off, feel proud of themselves and pass the message of sustainable development to others.
For the implementation of the clean-up and creative upcycling workshop, the contribution from “Youth Initiatives” is highlighted.

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